Advancing Science

by making research data usable and sustainable

Our Services

Phoenix provides research data related services like warehousing advice, sustainability design, curation, and subscription management for researchers, university libraries, and governments.

Our Support

Phoenix supports and is the main point of contact for a number of important and widely-used research databases and digital research resources. We also build and support custom solutions.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to make research data and digital research resources usable and sustainable for the long term, and to provide professional, affordable data solutions to all researchers everywhere.

Your research data solution

Much of the world’s research data disappears from view over time, or sits unseen and unused on mega-repositories like GitHub. Finish your research work, and then let your research work for you and the world. Give our experts a call today.

Data resources we support

  • TAIR: One of the most important and widely-used gene databases in the world, containing genetic and molecular biology data for the model higher plant Arabidopsis thaliana
  • Repbase: Database of representative repetitive sequences from eukaryotic species
  • MorphoBank: Facilitates evolutionary biology research by providing an online database and collaborative workspace for scientists
  • CIPRES: Provides access to a large number of compute-intensive phylogenetics and population biology codes run on high performance computers provided by the National Science Foundation
  • CyVerse: Provides scalable cyberinfrastructure solutions for science in the age of big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Services we provide

  • Data warehousing advice
  • Long-term data sustainability design
  • Data curation and management expertise to make your data more useful
  • Usage analysis
  • Subscription management
  • Account management

Who we work with

  • Thousands of researchers worldwide
  • Thousands of libraries and research universities
  • Hundreds of commercial and nonprofit research institutions
  • Government agencies